The neglected role of Student-Faculty Interaction in Quality of Indian Higher Education


  • Arsh Arora
  • Kaveri Arora



Student, faculty, quality of education, higher education


There are various ways to enhance the quality of education in universities as it is an essential vitamin in the diet of students’ learning. The research paper focuses particularly on student- faculty interaction which is generally a neglected aspect. The authors adopted intensive secondary research to understand and analyze the role of student-faculty interaction in enhancing the quality of education. Besides, the authors also conducted primary research for economics students for analysis. The authors found that the research in this field is rarely taken up in India by academicians and thus, there are a lot of gaps to fill. There are no large-scale studies conducted to provide evidence regarding the impact of interaction on students and how it is affected by gender, social class, and ethnicity.


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Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Student Teache



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