What’s Anthropology? IS IT RALATED TO SCIENCE??????

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Shobha Kumari


Anthropology is the universal study of human biology and culture to understand better the human species. Anthropology is having broader scope in present and also future. It covers a much greater span of time than these disciplines and comprises a different field. Charles Darwin’s given theory of evolution in 1859 suggested that different types of species developed from one to another in over a long period of time. In Anthropological study Evolution may be act as the back bone which provides a vital role to better understanding of the human beings. In other words, we can say that anthropology is the modified scientific study of the evolution the physical, socio-cultural behaviour of humans and varieties of human beings and the societies. They may be both primitive and contemporary. Human beings are the most advanced species on this earth and studying each and every aspect of them concerning social, biological, cultural, lingual, Psychological, so on and so forth is magnetic, interesting and actually influential. Due to this reason anthropology makes possible and realistic all outcomes in present and future. In Anthropology, origins of humanities, natural sciences and social sciences play a key role in the development of Industrialization. Of all the disciplines that examine aspects of human existence and accomplishments, only Anthropology explores the entire panorama of the human experience from human origins to contemporary forms of culture and social life. Thus, the science of Anthropology developed as an outgrowth of contemporary studies of the classification of human races and the comparison between primitive and ancient societies and also the historical development of man’s economy and Industrial development.

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