Crime Against Women

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Dr. Rajni Bala


Women did her best to prove that she is not less than man. She is performing her tripartite duties like managing house, doing jobs and looking after her children. Providing financial support to her family, she even did her best to look after her children very well. In the heaven, God is there but on the earth, A WOMAN is God, doing everything for her children. When she is performing such duties, why discrimination is going on with women? Why women are treated as second grade citizen? There are many examples when women got tortured? “Tandoor Kand is there” a women was burnt alive. Where is right to life of a woman. She can be treated as a human being but not. How the equality of opportunity can be established when a working woman on a road given less wage than a man. Eve- teasing has been increasing day by day. A girl is not safe even going outside with her parents. The high rank officer in police department has done so cruelty with a school going girl of the age group of her own child. The rising crime rate against women especially children in developing countries is appalling. The lethargy of law enforcement agencies have rendered otherwise tough laws redundant. Corruption is the worst nightmare for women. India a relatively safe country has become dangerous for women, where even 4 year old girls are not safe in their own homes. Shameful for a country which worships goddesses and virgin girls. There is a desperate need for Human Rights Activism which will be free of local interferences. There should be a human rights courts having a single world office where all crimes against women must be tried and punished, taking out local tampering. Since the world has become a global village, its high time we have world bodies with representatives from all member nations.

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