Study of Medical Negligence and its Determinants चिकित्सा लापरवाही और इसके निर्धारकों का अध्ययन

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Sunil Kumar Kulhare
Dr. Sayyad Ismail


The relationship between the doctor and the patient plays an important role in the treatment of the patient. But recently things have changed rapidly with the reduction in the doctor-patient ratio. Doctors are burdened to see and treat more patients, this has definitely reduced the time exchange between patient and doctor. This in turn results in malpractice and negligence. So the cases of litigation and allegations against doctors are increasing day by day. This article focuses on the precautions that are taken by a practicing doctor while treating a patient and the various determinants that prove whether a doctor is negligent or not.

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Sunil Kumar Kulhare, & Dr. Sayyad Ismail. (2022). Study of Medical Negligence and its Determinants: चिकित्सा लापरवाही और इसके निर्धारकों का अध्ययन. Research Inspiration, 8(1), 20–23.


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