A Study Of Human Rights & Its Law In India

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Ramesh kumar


In this regard, Human Rights & its Law are mandatory for the existence of human life. Human Rights & its Law is not only mandatory in India but also in worldwide in the interest and welfare of world human & living creatures. The accessibility of Human Rights & its Law must be for all. In this connection, Human Rights & its Law are available in whole India and also in worldwide for all but in spite of the availability of the enforcement system, Human Rights & its Law is not being able to implement. The Fair, reasonable, satisfactory and other required things, as justice, beyond all the reasonable partialities, is not being able to deliver to the persons concerned. Why is it so? What are the reasons or causes liable for the same, keeping in view the aforesaid things, this research paper has been written which is helpful and beneficial for research scholar, students, Professors, teachers, institutions or organizations, governments, society, to conduct research and other required persons concerned.

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